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American Family Traditions

American Family Traditions

American Entrepreneurship

"The Land of Opportunity"

At the most basic level, Entrepreneurship is the demonstrated ability to organize, manage, and assume the risks of a business or enterprise. The United States is a Free Society that fosters Free Enterprise. 

Current Situation

Nowhere in the world is there so much entrepreneurship as there is in the United States. On average 3,171 businesses are established each business day! Of course many are disestablished too, about 3060 per business day! There are about 6.2 Million firms and about 10.5 million self-employed people in this country1.  Entrepreneurship is alive and well and it keeps this country moving!

Federal, State and Local laws all encourage the development of business. Many books have been written on the subject and courses are available in our learning institutions. The Small Business Administration also provides support for Entrepreneurs.

The Future

The Internet is promoting an explosion of Commerce at "light speed" on a global scale. Free help is available to those who have access to a computer and want to learn. Immigrants continue as always to flow into our Country because it truly is "The Land of Opportunity".

Family Tradition

If an Entrepreneur wants to succeed, persistence is the key. Failure along the way is no reason to quit dreams if dreams are to become reality. Failures along the way are a normal result of earnest effort in pursuit of goals. People came to America to be Free and Self-Sufficient. In The United States we are presented with 2 choices: be either the Entrepreneur or the Employee of an Entrepreneur. There is pride in both if they are each done well. The Entrepreneurs are the "risk takers" and therefore earn the most when their business succeeds. Entrepreneurs enjoy the most freedom of choice in any business enterprise.

Our Product 

3docframed2_WEB.jpg (22103 bytes)Our Documents of Freedom are beautifully mounted in an oak frame under glass. The oak was grown on a Family Farm in Eastern Ohio and cut and shaped by Craftsmen working in a Family-Owned Business in rustic Western Pennsylvania; a true example of American Entrepreneurial Spirit. The thumbnail image at left shows all 3 framed Documents of Freedom. Visit our Shopping Mall to buy one of these beautifully Antiqued Documents tastefully enclosed by double-matting: red inside of blue. You will proudly display these Documents of Freedom in your home, office or library.

Visit our Freedom, Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights pages to learn the American Family Tradition associated with the display of these documents.

Further Study

There are many resources on the Internet; some are provided below:

Small Business Administration  
U. S. Department of Commerce 
Your Local Chamber of Commerce 
Your City Department of Licenses and Permits 
Your Local Library 
Your Local Day and Night Schools 


1 U. S. Small Business Administration, Office of Advocacy. Small Business Economic Indicators, 1997. December 1998.E-Document: http://www.sba.gov/advo/stats/sbei97.pdf


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American Culture

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