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American Family Traditions

American Family Traditions

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Family Page

"There's no place like home"

Family Values are passed to our children through a variety of family activities. Family life today is also influenced by the principles and values of our surrounding society. This influence is rapidly changing and expanding as technology has enabled quick travel and communication over long distances. With the advent of the Internet the influence is global. In the end, every parent strives to instill their fundamental beliefs within their children through every possible means at their disposal.

"Family is forever."

Families nurture future generations in their image by the sharing of Family Values. Family structure may vary but one thing remains constant in family life today: "family is forever". American History has shown that American Families pass on our proud history along with their own personal ethics to form the basis for our sense of what is right and wrong for the rest of our lives. Home is safe and familiar. It is one place in the world where we can be comfortable and be ourselves. We all expect love, support, tolerance and caring from our Family members to help us grow to our full potential. By the same token we each owe the same support to other Family members. Although children may turn from their families during adolescence, most return as adults with the principles and values they learned from their family experience. Failure to take the time to develop our sons and daughters will at some point become a lifetime regret. We have one chance to be with them while they are in the formative stages. Many families adopt individuals as sons, daughters, aunts, uncles etc. One of the most satisfying contributions we make in life is the investment of our personal time and caring in those we love. 

Family Tradition 

Family is forever. This is the one place on earth where forgiveness and understanding must be abundant. This does not mean that a family should aid criminal or unethical behavior of one of its members. It does mean the family stands with that family member as he or she takes responsibility for his or her actions. Love, support, tolerance and caring must be the basis for the relationship. These things must always be there and never held back or withdrawn. They must be unconditional. Family life today is more challenging than ever but "Love will see us through".

Our Product 

Visit our Shopping Mall to buy a copy of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families. A balanced life is essential to happiness. The development of the body, mind and spirit must get attention each day of our lives. If we set aside the time for work, for play, for personal thought or religious devotion, as our individual choice may be, we will experience balance in our lives. Balance implies equilibrium where there is just the right amount of everything in our lives to enable us to thrive. Each of us has a uniqueness that is our own. The balance, therefore, in each of us is unique and must be discovered. The balance changes as we grow and it never stops changing. We all need a process of personal renewal that is continuous to accommodate this change. Stephen Covey has written 2 books, that when taken together, offer a process of personal development around a consistent ethical base. These books offer a cornerstone for the individual and the family upon which to grow.

This Web page links to Customs, Traditions and Rituals practiced by American Families. They are listed at right; click on the desired Tradition to view.  Our Freedom and American Culture Web Pages have additional Traditions important to the development of our children. If you would like to share with us a Custom, Tradition or Ritual that you find important to your family, please visit our Traditions page.


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