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We teach our children about American Culture. We teach them to be good Americans  by sharing our traditions of Citizenship, American Holiday Celebration, Craftsmanship, Entrepreneurship, Competition, Leadership, Know-How, and Positive Attitude.

Our Culture

Beyond the walls of our home lies a great Nation with a culture of its own. The structure of our Government, our laws and the way people relate to each other have great influence on our actions and attitudes. What do you think about when  you hear the words: The United States of America? On our Freedom Page we display the quote "The land of the free, and the home of the brave". Many of us think of that quote, or quotes from the song: "America The Beautiful", like "spacious skies" or "amber waves of grain".

"Only in America"

There is a culture in this country whether spoken or unspoken that manifests itself in everything we say, do, or think. For example, in the United States we expect to compete in every aspect of our lives. At the same time we expect to compete, we also expect to be given equal opportunity to grow to our potential. We believe we all have equal rights under the law. We expect American Industry to put out a quality product and for our Nation to be a leader in the world. Sometimes we even find ourselves "on the soap box" spouting expectations of our Nation's performance or the performance of American Industry not realizing that unless we each live up to these expectations, our Nation and our Industries cannot. Frequently, many of our competing interests and our strong desire to ensure Individual Freedom, result in extraordinary events taking place that can only be explained by the expression: "Only in America".

Pass on our culture to future generations

Whatever our "National" culture may be, many of us depend on our schools and institutions to teach our children. Should we leave this precious part of our children's education just to schools and other institutions? Emphasis and example at home are very important to the development of our children so that our Nation remains strong into the future. What Customs and Traditions do you observe in your family so that you pass on the important aspects of our American Culture essential to our future survival? What kinds of conversations do you have with your children?

This Web page links to Customs, Traditions and Rituals practiced by American Families. They are listed at right; click on the desired Tradition to view. Our Family and Freedom Web Pages have additional Traditions. If you would like to share with us a Custom, Tradition or Ritual that you find important, please visit our Traditions page.





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American Culture
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