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American Family Traditions

American Family Traditions

The Family Meal

Family Together at the End of the Day

Although modern life seems to have overtaken The Family Meal in many areas, there are still many American Families that practice the Custom of either the Daily (evening) Family Meal or a Sunday Family Meal. Often, the Sunday Family Meal is a time for gathering children and grandchildren.

Talk over the Day's Activities

As hectic as Family schedules can be, sometimes the Family Meal is the only way to get everyone together to talk over the happenings of the day or discuss upcoming family plans or events. This is also a good setting to share Family Values through stories and discussions that inevitably will take place. It is important for parents to seize this opportunity to share values.

Family Values

Our Web Site contains an array of information about American Family Customs, Traditions and Values. The Family Meal is the event that always reflects what a Family holds dear because the things that are discussed at this gathering are the most important things happening within a Family. Sometimes it is good for parents to reflect on the quality of the time spent with the Family and make adjustments.

Family Rituals

Many cultures have rituals associated with them that teach Values. 4th Of July picnics have become a Ritual in The United States for example. The meaning behind the Ritual is a celebration of Freedom. Religious Holydays have Rituals associated with them that reinforce Religious Values. Many Cultures teach History or Values through Ritual Meals. Significance is attached to every aspect of the Meal.

An American Family Ritual Meal

The below arrangement relates each Day of the week to a particular relationship of Food Group, Color, and Principle or Value. It is all tied together by a Ritual Meal where all of the Food groups, Colors and Principles and Values are celebrated. If one understands the significance of the Days of the week, Colors, Universal Principles, Human Values, and the Colors; the Ritual Meal carries with it significant lessons for life.

Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday   Friday   Saturday   Sunday 

Day of The Week

The 7 Days of the week are used to remember a particular human Principle or Value or to celebrate a Ritual Meal. Monday through Friday focus on 5 Human Values while Saturday focuses on the 2 Universal Principles of Life. Sunday is used to celebrate a Ritual Family Meal that recognizes the Principles and Values through the symbolism offered by Colors and Food Groups.


The 5 Food Groups consist of Grains, Vegetables, Fruits, Meat/Fish, and Dairy. The first 3 Food Groups are "Primary" Food Groups because they do not feed on other living things. The last 2 Food Groups are "Secondary" Food Groups because their sources feed on "Primary" Food Groups.

Principle or Value

The 2 Universal Principles are the Principles of Human Life and Mother Nature. The 5 Human Values consist of 3 "Primary" Human Values: Integrity, Self-Discipline, and Proactivity; and 2 "Secondary" Human Values: Empathy, and Humility. The "Primary" Values are prerequisites to the "Secondary" Values. Mastery of these Values is required before we can master those necessary to interact with other Human Beings.


The Colors selected consist of 3 Primary Colors: Blue, Green and Red; and 2 Secondary Colors: Violet and Orange. White is used to signify the unity or sum of all colors because it is.


The Universal Principles come from our Documents of Freedom and the recognition that we all live in a setting provided by Mother Nature. The Human Values come from many historical writings and most especially Stephen Covey. The Colors, Days of the week, and Food Groups are common knowledge. The relationship described above is offered as an aid to sharing things important within a Family setting.


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