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Annin & Company

Oldest Flagmaker in The World

Annin Headquarters Roseland New Jersey_WEB.jpg (12481 bytes)Located in Roseland, New Jersey, Annin & Company is the World's oldest and largest flagmaker. Starting from a sail loft in downtown New York City making signal flags for sailing ships in the 1820's, Annin was founded and became incorporated in 1847 by Edward and Benjamin Annin, just 71 years after the signing of The Declaration of Independence. Annin has established and maintained a reputation for quality and service. As the official flag manufacturer to the United Nations, Annin's international flags are the standard for excellence followed by the rest of the world. Every State Flag is exact according to specifications. Annin now manufactures over 20,000 different flags and flag accessories.

American History, Annin was There For:

1849 The inauguration of Zachary Taylor as President of The United States...and every inauguration since!

1851 The first International Exhibition in London...and more than 30 World's Fairs and major expositions since!

1865 The funeral of President Abraham Lincoln; a flag made by Annin draped his casket.

1876 America's Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia, celebrating the first 100 years of the new Republic.

1883 The ceremonial opening of The Brooklyn Bridge.

1909 Commander Robert E. Perry's expedition to The North Pole.

1923 The "World's largest flag" (90 x 230 feet) unfurled on the building of The J. L. Hudson Company, Detroit, Michigan and displayed on special occasions ...replaced in 1949 by a still larger version (104 x 235 feet) which was retired to The Smithsonian Institution in 1976.

1930 Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd's expedition to The South Pole.

1945 On Iwo Jima for the famous Marine Corps flag raising under enemy fire atop Mt. Suribachi.

1947 The world's largest free-flying flag (60 x 90 feet) hoisted for the first time on The New Jersey end of The George Washington Bridge...its replacement are still being flown on special Holidays.

1963 The National Geographic Society expedition to the summit of Mt. Everest.

1969 The historic Apollo 11 Mission to the moon as well as a number of other space explorations.

1976 The USA Bicentennial, our Nation's 200th Birthday Celebration. 

1983 The raising of a 50 x 100 foot flag on a flagpole in Plano, Texas...believed to be the biggest flown from any flagpole anytime, anywhere.

Current Situation

Annin manufactures millions of flags each year. State of the art mass production machinery, artists and artisans all team to keep this company on top of the World's competition.

Annin High Speed Sewing Machines_WEB.jpg (14036 bytes)Annin Star Fields_WEB.jpg (13395 bytes)Annin Stars and Stripes Being Sewn Together_WEB.jpg (8032 bytes)Annin Quality Assurance Inspection_WEB.jpg (14798 bytes)

Our Product

Visit our Shopping Mall to buy an American Flag made by Annin & Company the oldest Flag Maker in the World. Read The American Family Tradition associated with The Flag and read about America's challenge to stay on top of the world's manufacturing competition by way of our American Craftsmanship page.




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