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American Competition

Family Tradition

Where there is not enough of something we desire, we must compete fairly to attain it. This is true everywhere. From our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution and Bill of Rights flows the Principle of Human Freedom:

Each individual should be treated with dignity, respect and fairness. The uniqueness of Human Life requires that where more than one individual is involved that each is given equal opportunity to grow to potential within the resources of the group. The growth to potential is fostered in an environment which recognizes each individual's responsibility to work hard and do their best and each individual's right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness while balancing this with the need to provide for the common good of the group.


Americans love Competition, it permeates everything we do. We love to participate in Sports or be a spectator observing the competition. In business we compete for customers, development of products, exploration, building the biggest, building the fastest etc. In school we have Spelling B's, achievement tests, grades etc.

Competition is the act or state of trying hard to win or gain something wanted by others; rivalry, competing. The implication in all competition is that everyone who wants the thing desired cannot have it and there are rules to define how fair competition must proceed for the prize to be won. This is true whether it be sports, business, job selection etc. In The United States we do not compete to go to High School but we do compete to go to College. In our Free Society we have all agreed to provide for school through the 12th Grade so there is enough High School to go around.

Competition without rules creates an unfair environment for a society to effectively operate. Stephen Moore in his book: It's Getting Better All The Time, offers the following explanation for why The United States has made so much progress over the past 100 years:

“The unique American formula of individual Liberty and free enterprise has cultivated risk taking, experimentation, innovation, and scientific exploration on a grand scale that has never occurred anywhere before.”

For individual liberty and free enterprise to thrive there must be fair competition  to gain sales of products and services. This is frequently termed winning market share. We have laws against monopoly in this Country to ensure fair competition. Fair competition forces the delivery of products in the cheapest, fastest way possible. If the desired quality is not there, different manufacturers will be sought until the quality and service desired are found at a price the customers are willing to pay. 

All of us have the right to compete in the market place in this Country. The only limitations are we must compete fairly, and then we must work within our own limitations of energy, knowledge etc. to attain the prize: market share. See our Entrepreneurial Spirit Page.


In business we have rules for obtaining a Business License and for how we must conduct our business. In sports there are rules for each sport being played and then there is Sportsmanship that defines our conduct. From the dictionary, Sportsmanship defines the qualities or conduct of a good sportsman; fair play. Wake County Public Schools offers excellent guidelines for good Sportsmanship conduct. It is best summed up as follows:

Greet and be courteous to opponents' coaches and players.

Know the rules of your sport; teach them to every member of your team.

Respect officials and their decisions.

All athletes must abide by official's decisions without emotional display.

Compete vigorously and hard; be gracious to your opponent when he/she does the same.

Display concern for the physical well being of your team and for the opponent.

Win with humility; lose with grace. Do both with dignity.

Coaches encourage your team to interact with the opponent. Provide opportunities for pre-game and post-game interaction. Be helpful.

Coaches offer your assistance and that of your staff and players to the opponent and officials.

Do not accept unruly behavior. Set standards of conduct

Coaches Maintain control. 




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